Why use smart home devices with flashed firmware?

  • Know exactly what code runs on your device.

  • Extend the device functionalities.

  • Use your favourite smart home platform.

  • Attach sensors such as DHT11, DS18B20, BME280.

  • Use MQTT for faster response.

  • Enhanced Security

Why use our service instead of flashing the boards yourself?

All orders we receive go through our order processing system which ensures 100% accuracy in order fulfilment. After flashing, every single device is tested in real conditions(even manufacturers do not test every single device). When tests are successful, the ESP8266 based devices are labeled with firmware type and version as well as WiFi SSID for easier initial setup. On the other hand, the ZigBee devices are labeled with chip’s unique IEEE Address and firmware type – coordinator or router.

Leave the dirty work to us and have fun with your DIY Smart Home projects. Flashing devices can be sometimes tricky and lead to broken or bricked boards. Buying flashed boards from us saves you time, money and the risk of damaging your devices.

We offer flashing with wide variety of firmwares like Tasmota, Espurna and ESPEasy for ESP8266 based devices. However, sometimes our customers require some more specific firmwares. This is not a problem at all! Send us your firmware and we will flash the desired devices for you.

You have a whole project in your mind but you don’t have the time to put it all together? You are at the right place – we can build your custom smart home project with all necessary devices(sensors, switches, gateways or custom software), set it up and send it to you. You will receive a fully working smart home system and the only thing you will have to do is to place the devices in your home!